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We have individual size charts for all clothing items that can be found on the last product image of every product listing (However, these measurements come from the unstretched garment and our apparel stretches). Our swimsuits, hoodies, and other clothing items do not follow one single size chart and fit differently. 

We suggest that every potential customer get a tape measure and measure their Bust, Waist, Hips, and/or any other relevant measurements so that they know their sizes in inches.

We also have model measurements below the product description on each product listing. We recommending finding a model whose measurements are the most similar to yours and matching their size. We use models of different shapes, sizes, and heights, to help you find someone close to your size!

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us with questions! We are happy to try and help you figure out your size and can often tell from just a full body pic in tight clothing what size you’d likely be best in!

When cared for properly, Fira X Wear is made to last. We recommend a gentle, low-impact approach that includes hand washing in cold water and air drying.

Washing & Drying
When washing anything made from synthetics (even if it's recycled), it sheds microfibers that can be pollutants if they wind up in the ocean. But washing in cold water sheds much fewer microfibers. We also recommend using an eco-friendly or all-natural, biodegradable soap rather than chemical packed detergents or bleach.

It is best to rinse any chlorine or salt-water from swimsuits immediately after wear to retain the quality of the fabric and hardware for a longer period of time. Hanging swimsuits to air-dry while avoiding direct sunlight will also help to make your purchase last. This also helps avoid greenhouse gas emissions from dryers and requires zero energy.

Packing & Moisturizing
Don’t pack wet suits with other garments. Try not to keep your suit balled up for extended periods of time, especially if it's still wet. 

Certain lotions, sprays, and sunscreens may stain suits, so try not to apply them directly to the fabrics. 

Also, please reuse the garment bag your swimsuit or other clothing item was shipped in for storage. These bags are not meant to be disposed, but instead, used for storage for the life of your clothing. Once you plan to dispose of your clothing after eons of enjoyment and great memories, please place it back into the original garment bag and drop it of at your nearest thrift store(And if you do, remember to take video/photo proof for our $5 thrifting program).

Yes! We strive to be as inclusive as possible. Currently, we support sizes S-XXL as well as 3XL and XS for specific items, and the measurements can be found on the last image of each individual clothing item page. As we grow our business, we're hoping to be able to expand our size offerings further.

Depending on the success of our intial collection, we plan to release more designs that include gender neutral options.

In an effort to reduce waste and provide exclusive, unique clothing to our customers, Fira X Wearproduces a limited run of all our collections. This means that once our inventory runs out, we will never sell that particular design and color combination again.

We may bring back a popular design in an alternate color for another limited run, but this is based upon the success of the prior drop.

This also means our customers most likely will never have to worry about someone else wearing the same outfit.

Please follow this link for our policy: Return/Exchange/Refund Policy

Fira X Wearis priced below competitors with similar quality swimsuits, hoodies, leggings, and other clothing items that are produced by ethical and sustainable manufacturers.

We are an ethical and sustainable fashion brand. We also want to provide a great quality product! As a result, our cost of manufacturing is higher. We chose a manufacturer that uses non-toxic dyes and detergents, provides a healthy work environment and livable wages, and implements a bulk manufacturing process that conserves energy and discourages fabric waste.

As an example, if we, Fira X Wear, buy 100 swimsuits, our manufacturer could end up sending us anywhere from 90-110 swimsuits based on the amount of fabric purchased so that none is wasted. We also modified many of our initial designs to avoid fabric waste.

Typically, cheaper or 'fast' fashion is also supplied by manufacturers that have harmful working conditions or do not take the environment into account. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, creative products at a price that will allow us to expand our business. We pay more, per unit, for our bulk orders than consumers pay for single fast-fashion clothing items.

For more information on what makes Fira X Wear Sustainable, please see that specific section on the FAQ page.

Please see our Shipping Policy.

In order to be a truly sustainable fashion brand, a company must take into consideration all aspects of the production process. The brand must not only be low-waste and limit its emissions, but also promote greater environmental conservation and restoration, advance global gender and pay equity, and invest in research and practices that will drive a sustainable standard. 

Below are ways that Fira X Wear is striving to be sustainable. We are not perfect, but we are working toward sustainability at every turn.  As we grow, we plan to invest more into these principles. For now, these are the considerations Fira X Wear is taking to be more sustainable:

Environmental Considerations

-Our manufacturer utilizes non-toxic dyes and detergents.

-Our manufacturer provides a healthy work environment and livable wages to employees.

-Our manufacturer produces swimwear that is 88% recycled polyester.

-Our manufacturer utilizes recycled cotton and polyester for the vast material composition of our hoodies.

-Our manufacturer is WRAP and Fair Trade certified.

-We encourage hand-washing our clothing in cold water with eco-friendly soap to reduce the amount of microfibers that end up in our oceans.

Resource Considerations

-Our mailers take up significantly less weight and physical space than typical packaging alternatives, thus saving a great amount of energy needed in the shipping and handling process.

-We encourage air drying our swimsuits to prevent to usage or dryers and reduce greenhouse gases while using zero energy.

Waste Considerations 

-We changed our designs from their initial iterations to account for fabric waste. We worked along with the pattern-maker at our manufacturer to create styles that would minimize fabric waste and allow for fabric repurposing.

-Our manufacturer also prevents fabric waste by utilizing the fabric purchased. As en example, if Fira X Wear orders 100 swimsuits, our manufacturer may send us anywhere from 90 to 110 swimsuits instead based on the amount of fabric so that none is wasted.

-$5 Giftcard Program for picture or video proof of giving our clothing to thrift stores in their original garment bags when finished with clothing.

-While we currently use plastic bags due to budget constraints, they are completely reusable and should be kept for clothing storage.

-We also plan to sell "mistake" or "defective" garments at a very high discount to reduce fabric and materials waste once the rest of our stock is sold out. These will be labeled as "mistake" or "defective" garments during a sale.

Social Considerations

-Our manufacturer has a woman-led leadership team.

-Our manufacturer promotes gender equality, healthy working conditions, and livable wages.

-Fira X Wear is a black-owned company and promotes racial and gender equality.

As a part of our commitment to reduce waste and and protect the environment, we started the $5 thrifting program. When you are ready to dispose of your clothing(hopefully after years of enjoying it), we ask that you instead place it in the original Fira X Wear garment bag that it was shipped in and give it to your nearest thrift store. If you take pictures of yourself and the original garment bag at the thrift store along with the receipt, we will give you a $5 gift card for each item given. Please e-mail you photos, videos, and receipt to with the subject line "Thrift Program:[Your Name Here]" to receive the gift card.

The returned clothing must have been purchased directly from Fira X Wear and you must be an e-mail list subscriber(so that we can verify your original purchase).