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The idea for Fira X Wear was sparked on a pandemic walk in the park between founders Vincent and Jasmine. When they wanted to get away on a vacation to Mexico, Vincent thought it would be a great idea to mix cosplay with swimwear. Jasmine made 'beach episode' designs of her favorite characters to test the appeal on social media. After trolls online commented on how swimwear couldn't be cosplay, the two decided to build a brand based on the idea to prove the naysayers wrong while keeping ethical working conditions and sustainability in mind. While the designs can be utilized for cosplay, the main focus was to create a Premium Pop Culture brand.

Jasmine and Vincent are the happily married Co-Founders of Fira X Wear

Jasmine is our Chief Creative Officer and leads Fashion Design, Marketing, and Branding. She is more widely known as @CutiepieSensei and has been featured for her cosplay on Disney+ and SyFy as well as the social media pages for Amazon Prime Video, Marvel, and more. By day, she's a concept artist for a video game studio and designs different outfits and 'skins' for a myriad of different characters. She utilizes her artist background when designing clothing for Fira X Wear .

Vincent is our Chief Operations Officer and leads Customer Experience, Manufacturing, and Logistics. He has a passion for all things nerdy and can most often be seen on the other side of the camera in Jasmine's cosplay photos. By day, he's an engineering manager for an energy company. His background in customer success, project implementation, and account management plays a pivotal role in company operations.

For now, Fira X Wear is a two-person operation, but we hope to grow our brand in the future.

Fira X Wear is a premium, pop culture inspired fashion line designed with everyone in mind. We are an ethical, sustainable, and inclusive brand that aims to create elevated pop culture clothing that touches the hearts of fans, but can be appreciated by anyone. For more information on products and/or sustainable efforts, explore our Shop and FAQ pages.

Fira X Wearis not currently associated with any video game, anime, comic, or entertainment organizations.

Fira X Wear was founded in 2021 with a dream to create nerdy, high-quality swimwear. It all started with a walk in the park and an exciting 'what-if' conversation. 

Fira X Wear is based in Atlanta, GA in the United States.

Fira X Wear was founded to connect pop culture with fashion on a deeper level. We wanted to create pieces that can be appreciated by members of the cosplay and nerd communities, but at the same time be desirable to everyone. Our pieces can be worn for both cosplay and regular occasions.

Along our journey into this venture, we also discovered the detrimental effects of 'fast fashion' and wanted to do our best to offset that with our brand. It was imperative for us to find a manufacturing partner with ethical working conditions and a manufacturing process with sustainability as a priority. For more information around this, please visit our FAQ page.